Saturday, September 20, 2008

Exercise Day 18

Today I got to my exercising fairly early. I lifted weights for about 30 minutes before I got started with my walking. I worked on my biceps, triceps, chest, sides, back, and shoulders. I don't feel like I need to really work on my lower half because of the walking/jogging. I do need to be better about working my abs. I always try to concentrate on holding my abs in when I'm walking and jogging. I've heard it works the muscles without "working" the muscles. But I should officially work my abs too.

I did 4 miles in 58.55 minutes. I went from 3.5 mph to 5 back and forth every 1/8 mile. Sometimes I jogged at a 5 for a 1/4 mile instead of an 1/8. I ended up walking 2 miles and jogging 2 miles. I burned 478 calories and 149 fat calories. I kept the incline at a 2 for most of the exercise and put it down to a 1 towards the end.

It was funny how things worked out because I got going and started strong but then I started getting tired and jogging was just about doing me in. But by the end I was getting strong again and I probably could have gone for more except I needed to turn the treadmill over to my hubby for his turn. I also took a Tylenol before I started because I had a huge headache so I don't know if that had any effect on the gaining strength again.

4 miles down - 49 to go!


Jenny said...

That's awesome! Running is crazy hard too! Have you ever tried Winsor Pilates? It's amazing! You were mentioning that you were trying to find something for abs. I noticed a huge difference when I added the pilates to my workout! It's way good for abs and there is a bun & thigh one too! I have pilates & Turbo Jam workout videos if you want to borrow them. Turbo Jam is so fun and keeps me motivated because it has awesome music. It includes weight lifting and aerobic. Anyway, I'm doing P90X right now so if you want to borrow Turbo Jam let me know. :)

Jenny said...

Keep up the great work!!! That's some awesome mileage!