Wednesday, October 28, 2009

TOP TO BOTTOM IN 21 - Progress

Today I got a little bit done on my bedroom. I cleaned out both dressers and organized the drawers. I'm hoping that I can get more done tomorrow. I've decided that, for now, I need to slow down a little bit so that I don't get sick. I've been up all night for 4 nights now and it's really starting to take it's toll. My preschooler has started feeling better today though so I'm hoping that I'll start getting more sleep and being able to function better.

I'm not stopping, just slowing down. It may take me a little longer to complete my projects but I'll keep going until I'm done - and I'll go full blast when I can!

Also, I've been keeping up on the rest of the house. I need to sweep and mop and vacuum but other than that I'm pretty clean.

Exercise Day... Whatever

I finally made it down to exercise today. I burned 291 calories, with 91 of them being fat calories, in 36.18 minutes. I went 2.25 miles. I started out walking 1/8 mile at a 4 mph then jogged at 4 mph for 1/2 mile. Then I went 1/8 mile at a time and went 3 mph, 3.5 mph, 4 mph, and 4.5 mph - walking everything but the 4.5 mph, which I jogged.

I feel like I get a better workout walking fast than I do jogging. But I still think it's good to build my body up to being able to run/jog a mile or even more.

Some day soon I'll do a 5k which is 3 miles. And some day I want to do the Wasatch Back - which would be a killer. Maybe I'll try for a 10k or a half marathon first. Some day though...

Tuesday Yucky

I was so physically and mentally exhausted yesterday from taking care of preschooler that I didn't do my exercise or cleaning. I did however go to bed at 8:30 and feel like a new woman today! I'm headed down right now to exercise and then I'll go get my kindergartner from school and then work on my cleaning challenge. Hopefully I'll get two items done today to make up for yesterday, as well as my splitting Friday's project into two and working on it Monday.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday's Exercise

I didn't get much time in for exercise between my 21 day cleaning project and a sick little boy but I did do my weight training exercises and walked down to pick up my Kindergartner from school. Not enough but some is better than none. It's now been two weeks since I've exercised and I'm really missing it. I need to get it in but having a sick kid isn't going to get me down to the cold basement. Maybe my husband will watch my boys tonight for a bit so I can go do a little something. Ahhhh, the life of a mom!

Plus I haven't slept the last three nights so I am needing something to pick-me-up. Exercise, here I come!

TOP TO BOTTOM IN 21 - Weekend 1

Over the weekend I had a sick little boy but still managed to keep things picked up for the most part. I made bread, rolls and hamburger buns on Saturday and fixed all our bedspreads on Sunday since I was home from church. I did let my dishes slide and had to do them on Monday morning.

I am now officially a day behind in my 21 day challenge but it's okay because I gave myself the 3 extra days to make up for when I didn't complete projects. I just can't let myself get much further behind because I think I've got 2 projects that will take 2 days each.

Friday didn't get finished so I finished it on Monday which pushed Monday's project to today. I'll be getting the Master Bedroom and closet cleaned up today. It's my husband's closet so I'm not sure how much I can do in there without his cooperation but I'll do what I can. He has a ton of clothes that he never wears but refuses to throw away. I think I'm going to make a blanket for each of the boys with his old clothes. I saw it on someone else's blog that they did that thinking that the boys Daddy would be their hero. My boys Daddy is definitely their hero so I thought it fitting and maybe that will help my husband to get rid of some stuff!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Friday's pick was the formal dining room. I've decided that I'm a pile-er. I make piles. Everywhere. In the dining room it is my built in buffet. Stuff gets stacked there that shouldn't be.

The whole room Before: After: (I even cleaned the windows and took down the paper blind in the half circle window to let more light in during the cold winter months.)
The built in buffet Before: After:
Cupboard #1 Before: After:
Cupboard #2 Before: After:
Cupboard #3 Before: After:
Cupboard #4 Before:After:

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Luck of the draw pulled the dining room in our kitchen. The one we eat in every day. I also included in my area the desk that is in my kitchen. It feels so good to have this area cleaned up because I look at it most of the day.

Before: After: (it wasn't worth kicking preschooler off the computer to take the picture. I moved the computer over here from on my kitchen counter to clear that up some.)
Before:After: (I need to re-do the top of my kitchen table. Seriously.)
Before: (Sticky fingerprints all over the half wall separating my dining room from the family room. My kids think it's SO fun to climb all over this wall.)After:
Before: (fingerprints all over the door to out back.)After:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today has been a crazy day. I haven't stopped since 7:30 this morning when I got up. Let me give you a run down of how my day went.

I got ready, fed the kids, took them to school, helped in their classrooms for 2 hours total, came home for about 5 minutes, went to the library for story time, came home for about an hour - got ready to do my project for the day, went to lunch with my husband and kids, came home - cleaned up my main floor while the kids played outside, friends came over - made my friend sit in the boys room with me while I scrubbed walls and cleaned up junk, friend left, husband came home, made dinner, ate dinner, finished in the boys rooms, vacuumed the upstairs, hung up all the boys laundry, put preschooler to bed, little bit of computer time and I'll be putting kindergartner to bed after which I will collapse onto the couch for a little TV time and some crocheting. Phew!

Okay so here's what you've been waiting for. My project for the day:

The Boys' Room

I had Ethan pick from my papers so it was nice and random.


After: Before:
After: Before:


I've fixed my schedule so that it works better for me and I should be able to keep up on my house when I'm done cleaning.

My daily items are:
pick up the house
clean off the counters
wipe off the table
make the beds
toys in the baskets

wipe chairs
sweep and mop
vacuum main floor

clean upstairs
water plants
wipe walls

vacuum house
clean mirrors
make grocery list and get coupons ready

clean bathrooms
change towels
bathroom floors
grocery shopping

vacuum main floor
spot clean carpets
clean car out

(I'll do one main cleaning item each Saturday of the month)
1st: windows and window sills
2nd: clean showers and tubs
3rd: kids toys
4th: basement
5th: clean carpets

Weigh In Wednesday

I haven't gotten a chance to exercise yet today. I've been running since I got up this morning at 7:30. I did weigh in though:

171.0 lbs
36.6% fat
46.2% water
56.0 lbs muscle
25.9 BMI

I am so happy that I'm still continuing in the downward direction! I am going to try to get some type of workout in today but I'm not sure if I will or not. I will tomorrow for sure though.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Want to join me but feel you don't have enough to keep you going for 21 days? Here are some suggestions:

clean your blinds
clean your curtains
wash your windows
wash walls, baseboards, doors, doorknobs, light switches
clean out your heating and return air vents
clean out your junk drawer
clean out your linen closet
go through your cleaning supplies
go through your kitchen cupboards
clean out your closets
clean your kick plates under your kitchen cupboards
clean your washing machine and dryer
clean your dishwasher
go through your craft supplies and get rid of anything you won't use
sort your bills
pull out your TV and clean the back and sides
clean under your fridge and oven
go through anything/anywhere that collects junk

Keep going and going and going until every surface has been touched. And don't try to do everything in one day or you'll kill yourself. Remember: you have to be able to keep up on everything else too so don't get too involved in your projects! I don't want any un-fed, un-clothed families because you get distracted, and you certainly don't want everything you're doing to go to waste by letting it go as soon as it's done.

There is always something that can be done, no limit to the possibilities of the things you can do. And just think how good it will feel having it all done!


If you want to join me you have one of three options...

1. I can add you as a contributor to my blog and you can post before and after pictures, progress, etc.

2. You can post it on your own blog and leave your link in a comment for each day.

3. You can just leave your progress in the comment.


Okay, so I've broken down my house into rooms/areas and I'll pick one out of a hat each day to do. These are the rooms to be done:

Upstairs Level:
Master bedroom and closet
Master bathroom and closet
Kids bathroom and closet
Laundry room
Boys room
Toy room
Hall and stairs

Main Level:
Dining room
Family room
Bathroom, hall and 2 closets
Living room
Formal dining room

Storage bedroom
Guest bedroom
Hall, stairs and bathroom
Workout room

You may notice that I've only got 18 areas that need to be done. I have a few areas that are going to be quite the accomplishment and will probably take more than one day. I'm leaving room for those. If, by some small miracle, I get done and still have time left I'll work on my storage room in the basement.

I will be working for 21 days - week days only - so it will take me 4 weeks and 1 day to complete this task. I will be maintaining as I go and the weekends I will just maintain so that I don't lose everything I'm working so hard to achieve. Also, I want to be able to enjoy my weekends the same as everyone else in the house.

Each room will be thoroughly gone through and rid of anything that is no longer in use, things we don't need, etc. I will clean every surface as I go. Walls baseboards, lights, etc. Bathrooms will be my involved cleaning because of the toilets, tubs and sinks.

I'm going to make a big pile of stuff to sell and donate as well as throwing stuff away. It's going to feel so good!

If you want to join in figure out your areas that need to be done - or just pick one thing to do per day. Come up with as many items as you think will get you to the end of the 21 days.

I am going to be re-adjusting my cleaning schedule today so that I'll be able to have it ready to maintain my clean. After the 21 days this will be my daily cleaning/work (because a house mom's work is cleaning) schedule.


Today isn't going to happen for exercise. I am freezing cold and the thought of putting on workout clothes and going to the basement doesn't sound good to me. Although the blood pumping through my veins may help warm me up I'm just not up for it. Maybe if I get going tomorrow a little earlier in the day before the cold has set deep into my bones...

Monday, October 19, 2009


Have you ever looked around your house and wondered how it got in the condition it's in? Well, that's what I've been doing lately. Looking around and wondering why I can't seem to keep it clean. Well it's time to do something about it!

I've decided that it's time to clean house. Every surface WILL be touched. Every room will be cleaned. And organized, decluttered and "fixed" so that things function better. I think that when you move into a house you just throw things wherever you can find a place and I've never actually taken the time to go back through everything and make a home for things that actually makes sense. Not to mention all the items that build up after years of marriage and having kids. Things you think you need but you really don't.

I'll be making a pile (hopefully a big one) of things to sell and donate. I'll be cleaning along the way. Join me if you wish. If not then keep checking back to make sure I'm keeping up. I guarantee that it'll be hard. But you'll love the end results if you take the challenge.

I will be officially starting on Wednesday. Tomorrow I'll be coming up with a plan because in addition to cleaning EVERYTHING I will continue maintaining everything that's been done so that it stays clean.

TOP TO BOTTOM IN 21... Do you think you can do it?

I can!

Working Out

I haven't worked out in a week. Enough said. I cleaned house all day so that's got to count for something and I've been working really hard at keeping in my calorie range so I don't think I'm going up - just not down like I'd like. I'm starting tomorrow with a real butt-kicker workout to whip me back into shape. Not that I'm in shape - just that I'll just be getting back in workout mode.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Okay, So...

I didn't officially work out on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. I am still active and have walked at least 2 miles each of these days dropping off and picking up kids from school. I also think that it's good to give your body a rest some times. I try really hard to listen to my body.

I did do a weigh in this afternoon and was impressed with my "results". I wonder what it would have been had I weighed in the morning?

172.6 pounds
35.9% fat
46.7% water
57.8 pounds muscle
26.1 BMI

If you'll remember last Thursday I weighed in at 175.6 pounds and one month ago I reached my "I'm not going any further than this" weight of 179 pounds. I feel that 6.4 pounds is pretty darn good for ONE month! Especially since they say that if you lose more than a pound or two a week that you'll probably gain it back.

The best part is that I feel like my "need" for food had dramatically decreased and I am eating to live and not living to eat. I think that part of it is that I really try not to deprive myself and if I want to eat a handful of candy corn, gosh dang it I'M GOING TO EAT IT! The difference is that now I stop at ONE handful of candy corn instead of the entire bag! I'm pretty dang proud of myself for one month's worth of trying. And I didn't even do my best - I could have done a WHOLE lot better. Maybe this month...

I'm off to walk to school (with a handful of candy corn!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 13 Exercise

I did not work out on Saturday because we "slept out" on the family room floor on Friday night and my back was killing me on the hard floor and I didn't sleep much at all. I let my husband sleep in the morning and I slept in the afternoon. I didn't do much but I didn't eat much either.

Today I walked down to take my kids to school - 1 mile.

I did my weight stuff, did jumping jacks and then ran down to pick up my preschooler and walked back with him on my back - 1 mile total.

I did a 15 minute cardio exercise video while my preschooler did his homework.

I walked on the treadmill for 25.45 minutes and went 1.5 miles. I burned 159 calories and 49.7 of them were fat. I did 3.5 and 5 mph alternating between walking and jogging. It kicked my butt after the other stuff I'd already done so I only ran for 1/2 a lap at a time and did it only twice. I also slowed it down to 2.5 mph for 1/2 a lap and walked backwards. Crazy? Yeah, I know. But it is a real thigh workout. Try it!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 12 Exercise

Today I walked my son to Kindergarten - 1 mile there and back.

I did the treadmill for 30.18 minutes and went 2 miles. I burned 267 calories with 83.5 being fat calories. I alternated between 3.5 mph and 5 mph for the first 1.5 miles and did it walking and jogging at a 4 mph for the last 1/2 mile.

I was pretty sore this morning from my exercises I did yesterday. My calves especially. I did calf raises on a step and it just about killed me getting out of bed this morning. Also, I didn't get a good nights sleep last night thanks to my preschooler so I DID NOT WANT TO GET OUT OF BED! I am loosened up though after my walking/running so I think it helped to just push through the pain and stiffness and just do it.

Walked down to pick up my Kindergartner - 1 mile.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 11 Exercise

Today I did my spark people weight exercises. I added some to it though so I ended up doing them for about 45 minutes. Then I went downstairs and walked on the treadmill for 24.25 minutes. I went 1.5 miles and burned 187 calories with 58.6 of them being fat calories. I walked at a 3.5 and 4 mph. I also did punches for half the time at the 3.5 mph.

After that I didn't have time to shower before I needed to get my preschooler from school and so I ran down there (1/2 mile) and walked back with my kiddo. I also walked back down to the school for the fire safety assembly so I got another mile in.

I did my weight and measurements today too.

175.6 pounds
37.4 % fat
45.6 % water
56.2 pounds muscle
26.6 BMI

neck: 13 inches
chest: 38 inches
ribs: 33.5 inches
waist: 35 inches
hips: 43 inches
right upper arm: 12.5 inches
right bicep: 12 inches
right above elbow: 10.5 inches
left upper arm: 13 inches
left bicep: 12 inches
left above elbow: 10 inches
right thigh: 25 inches
right above knee: 18 inches
right calf: 15 inches
left thigh: 25 inches
left above knee: 18 inches
left calf: 14.5 inches

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 10 Exercise

Today I was beat physically and emotionally from my LONG day at the zoo yesterday. I decided to go out and get some fresh air and use my fall clean up as my exercise for today. Cheating? Technically. Do I feel bad? Not a bit.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 9 Exercise

Today I went on a field trip with my kids to the zoo. I chased 6 little boys around the zoo for 4 1/2 hours and dealt with them for 2 hours in the car. I'm considering my exercise DONE for today!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 8 Exercise

Today I walked/ran on the treadmill at a 4 mph for 22.31 minutes. I went 1.5 miles and burned 234 calories with 73.1 being fat calories. I wanted to go 2 miles and do 30 minutes but I was late getting started and had to go pick up my preschooler and didn't want to do it without showering first.

I also did some weight exercises from I did back extensions, one arm dumbell rows, standing adduction, seated dumbell curls, seated tricep extensions, crunches and girlie pushups. I did 12 reps and repeated each move twice. I used a 10 pound dumbell.

I'm still totally bummed that I broke my pedometer and am looking for an old one that I swear I still have but can not find. I'll be on a mission to find it today! It really helped to motivate me to get going and keep going.


Okay, so I practically fell off the face of the planet last week. I didn't do a single thing towards exercise or eating well. Just slacked. For no reason. I had absolutely no energy at all last week and didn't care to find any motivation for myself. I'm back at it this week. I'm also getting back to tracking my food on I. WILL. GET. SKINNY!