Friday, April 23, 2010

Tuesday Through Friday

Tuesday I had kids until late and then we had T-ball practice for Kindergartner. I wanted to run down then and have Hubby take the kids and I'd meet them but the kids didn't even get picked up with enough time for me to do that. So, no exercise Tuesday.

Wednesday, Thursday and Today it's been raining. This not having a treadmill thing is killing me. Having to rely on the weather kinda sucks. But I may use it as an excuse. I could totally go down and lift weights or put on a workout video. Why is it that I don't? I'm hoping that tomorrow is nice so I can get some working out done.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 4

I was going to run while Preschooler was at school but I was really enjoying the silence at home so I didn't go. I did walk the kids to school and walked down to pick up Preschooler. When we got home I put him on his little 4 wheeler and we went out. Me to run, him to ride. We went down the golf cart path which is a half a mile down and half a mile back. I ran the whole thing, except for his occasional stop to check things out.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 3

So I was exhausted today because I've been up with Preschooler all night the last two nights. Unable to let another day go by with no exercise though, I went out while my pizza dough was rising and ran a lap around my neighborhood. I have a nice circle to run that is 3/4 a mile. I walked a little while to get warmed up but then ran the rest of it without stopping. I was pretty proud of myself. The most I've really run in a stretch before has been 1/4 mile at a time.

I only did the one lap and I had to get back to my pizza but at least I did something right? I'm hoping that I can make this night running a habit since no other time seems to work for me now that I can't do it in my basement. I really need a treadmill!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday

I didn't get a chance to work out either of these days because I had 3 extra kids each day from first thing in the morning until 7 at night. After 7 hasn't been an option yet either so here's to hoping for tomorrow. I will just have 1 extra tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 2

So I was SUPER sore today from my exercises yesterday. Oh well, life goes on!

I did a ton of arm weight/strength exercises on the bowflex, the weight machine and free weights as well as pushups and tricep dips.

I didn't get a chance to get outside to run and I tried the treadmill but it's too bad to use. I did use our stationary bike for almost 10 minutes on one of its programs. It killed my already sore legs.

Legs tomorrow and hopefully I'll get a chance to get outside to run. At this point I'm kind of trying to focus on strength right now anyway but the cardio is an important part of any exercise routine.

I'm also hoping to get to my green drinks tomorrow. I need some good fruit but I'll make do with apples and bananas and grapes. We'll see how tasty it is!

Monday, April 12, 2010

How Many Times Do You Think I'll Start Over?

I'm hoping this is the last time. I'm getting going yet again. Today I decided to run outside. I had hoped t do around my neighborhood twice but ended up seeing a new neighbor and introducing myself and talking for a while. So I had to hurry down to pick up my preschooler. Then we walked back. I mapped it on and it was a 1 mile rout but I probably walked half of it home. Good news is that I ran the entire way down there.

After I got home I went downstairs and did some exercises. My husband has been doing a Men's Health workout for about a year now and so I tried that. There was an exercise I couldn't do on the ball because my balance sucks but other than that I did it. (Oh and it wants you to do pull ups and we don't have a pull up bar so I didn't do those either.) Then I did wall sits, jumping jacks, knee raises, butt kickers, calf raises and some Pilate's moves. I mostly worked out my legs.

I'm going to try to do a lot of weight lifting/strength training exercises every day - switching off from legs to arms every other day and I'd like to run/jog every day as well. Our treadmill is pretty much dead though so it will kind of depend on when I can get outside to run. I'm going to try to get up early in the morning to do my weights and then try to run just after dinner. We'll see how it goes. I may need to make adjustments.

I'm also going to start walking my kids to school and back as much as possible. It's a mile round trip.

So, where in the heck have I been you may ask? I've recently acquired 4 additional kids to watch during the days. Add to that my own two kids, trying to keep the house clean, arranging play dates as well as cooking and caring for a husband and all my time seems to have vanished. Problem is that I didn't make it a priority. I'm doing it now. I CAN get up early. I WILL!

So, in addition to tracking my exercise progress again I'd like to start tracking my house cleaning time as well as other goals.

I loved General Conference and it talked a lot about families and being a good mother. A lot of stuff I needed to hear and about a ton of things I need to work on to be the mom I know I can be. Part of that (or most of it) is going to be kicking my lazy butt to the curb and finding the motivation that has got to be hiding somewhere inside me. DEEP inside! I'll find it though. I just have to get started. Self motivation is key and that is where this blog comes in. I'll find it again.

I'm also going to start tracking my calories again on and going to go to the store today to get ingredients for green drinks again. I'm less than a month away from my birthday and 10 pounds from my pre-kid weight so I'm hoping to get to that number by my birthday. I hope!

Oh, and a goal I'm hoping to get on here soon is starting to read my scriptures again. And sharing what I learn or a favorite verse or something.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Once Again...

I'm starting everything over on... MONDAY!

My 21 Day Challenge


All of it!