Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Exercise Day 21

Wa-hoo! I made it to 21 days!

I was really unmotivitated to start today but I'm glad that I did. It was pretty rough for about the first mile but then after that I was totally energized and ready to go. I walked 5 miles in 82.05 minutes. I spent most of my time walking at a 3.5 and some at a 4 mph. I varied the incline between 1 and 4. I also did some boxing-type moves while I walked at the slower speed. Jabs, uppercuts, punching bag, and 2 other move that I can't think of what their called. I burned 612 calories and 191 fat calories.

Now that I've completed my 1st set of 21 days I can see that it really isn't hard and I'm going to keep it up. Challenge: Another 21 days! And I'm going to finish my 100 miles - since I only made it about half way through.

5 miles down - 44 to go!

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