Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cleaning Day 21

Okay, so today I kicked butt. But first I had to kick my kids out of the house. It was quite a day. My baby dumped almost an entire big bottle of maple syrup on the rug in my kitchen. My boys got into my shredded cheese and it ended up all over my kitchen. I spent the first half of my day chasing from one boy to the other and back. Putting out fires.

So, I took my boys to my mom (thanks mom!) and I got to work. I managed to clean my entire main level and take the rug and 2 chairs outside and squirt them off. I did dishes, cleaned off the counter, went through my mountain of papers, picked up the house, wiped walls, wiped chairs and the table, swept and mopped, vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom. Whoo!

My mom had the boys for about 3 1/2 hours. They made cookies and put up Halloween decorations. They love it down there.

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