Friday, October 10, 2008

Exercise Day 33

I lifted weights for about a half an hour today before doing the treadmill. I worked the same old muscles I normally do. Basically my top half.

I finally got back to the treadmill today. I've kind of missed it. Part of actually getting up in the morning I suppose! I walked/jogged 5 miles in 78 minutes. I kept it at a 1 for incline for the first 4 miles. For the first 2 miles I walked at a 3.5 then jogged at a 5 - back and forth. I think I jogged a total of 1 mile. The second 2 miles I walked quickly at a 4. The last mile I moved the incline up one at a time to 4 and back down. I also did punches.

I burned 607 calories and 189 fat calories. At least that's what the treadmill says for my weight. I feel like I burn slightly more because I always try to do extra with my arms - swinging them at 3.5, pumping them at 4, and swinging at 5. I also try to do punches or different aerobic moves with my arms. Sometimes it's hard to keep walking straight when I'm doing all of the stuff with my arms. I figure it's good for my balance. Also, I always make sure to concentrate on my stomach when I walk and jog. The core muscles help you so much and I can always tell when I'm not "holding them in". It makes it easier when I do.

5 miles down - 34 to go!

PS. I only count the miles I do on my treadmill towards my 100 mile goal. I'm getting really close!

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Jenny said...

GREAT job! That's a lot of exercise! Phew, making me tired! I think I'll go eat my cake now. Just teasing ya. ;). You're doing awesome.