Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Thankful for MY Body

I am thankful for my body. I love all this new physical growth and development I've been able to achieve using my body. I've beat my body up pretty badly and still it works so hard for me. I love my body. I love all the new definition and muscle I'm gaining. I love to see my waist and bum shrinking and my clothes fitting looser. It's a great feeling. I am very grateful to my body for providing me with two healthy babies. I'm grateful for the weight I put on to support their lives while in utero. I'm excited to have been seeing so much change and in getting my body back into shape after carrying my babies. I love pushing myself to see how much further, faster or harder I can go. I am grateful to Heavenly Father for blessing me with life and my body. I love that it continues to go when I feel like stopping. My body is a temple and I love taking care of it as such. I will continue to exercise, strengthen and feed my body good things. My body will bless me by accepting all my hard work and repaying me with the body I want. I love my body.

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Jenny said...

You are looking GREAT! I'm sure Mark is saying "mama sita!" and if he's not I'll come beat him up! j/k. Love ya!