Monday, November 3, 2008

Exercise Day 43

Okay, so I finished my 100 miles today. Plus one for being such a slacker. I've decided that for my next 21 days of exercise I'm going to walk 2-4 miles every day and then on Monday-Wednesday-Friday I'll do an exercise video and on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday I'll lift weights. I'm going to try to not do more than 4 miles.

Anyway, today I did 3 miles in 44.40 minutes. I did 3.5 to 5 the whole 3 miles and kept it at a 1 incline. I went back and forth every 1/8 mile. I burned 333 calories and 104 fat calories.

101 miles down!

I also did "Fat to Firm Fast" for 44 minutes. It's a pretty good exercise video put out by Prevention magazine. Then I followed it up with Super Stomachs for 24 minutes. This is a video that I got at the Dollar Store. The quality isn't great and they're done by Australians (nothing against them) so they have a cute accent, but they get the job done.

I walked 2 miles dropping off/picking up from school.

I also figured that I've walked 44.5 miles to and from school (without today). So, I'm going to add these in to my miles and just keep track of them all total from now on. So that makes my total miles 147.5. Not too bad for about 2 months.

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jules said...

Gwen! I can't believe you did 101 miles that fast!!! You are awsome!!!
I love your blog!
Love you, Julia