Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Goal

I am going to add yet another new goal to my increasing list. I am going to get my visiting teaching done. All the years I've been a visiting teacher I've been a total slacker - at best. I just recently got some new visiting teachers and they didn't come for a while (they just came on Tuesday) and it made me realize how much I need my visiting teachers and how much I miss it when they don't come. Then it got me to thinking about how poorly I've done at visiting teaching and it gave me some determination to get going on mine. I am going to put it on my calendar to do my visiting teaching the second Friday of the month (my partner has Friday's off) and I'll also put it on the Tuesday before to call to make the appointments. I am also going to call the people I visit on the last Wednesday of the month. Hopefully they won't catch on to my system! *wink*wink*

Part of the reason that I've been such a slacker is that I normally don't think about it until the very end of the month and I don't want the people I visit to think I do my visiting teaching just so I count them. I don't want them to feel like a number. That's why I've decided to actually go see them as well as calling them at the end of the month. That way there's more connection than just the required visit. I know I can't really make up for all these years I've not gone but maybe I can catch up!

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