Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Discovery Health Challenge

I'm going to be participating in the Discovery Health National Body Challenge.

Go here to sign up or find out more.

I have gained back 5 pounds since my accident and having not worked out since then. So I'm up to 163. My goal for the 8 week challenge is to get down to 147.

I'll be working out between 60-90 minutes a day and making sure to eat properly.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I eat. I've (mostly) gotten under control the amount of food that I eat. Now I need to think more about the quality of what I eat. I'm going to make sure to be eating better foods. No fast foods. (prices have all gone up anyway - who can afford to eat out any more?) That means I'll be cooking 3 meals a day. Which means I'll be keeping up with dishes. Which means I might as well keep up on the rest of the house. It's all a big continuous circle.

Also, my friend Amanda has put me in charge of helping her keep her New Years Resolutions. Luckily she has all the same goals I have. Getting up, working out, getting ready for the day, keeping the house clean and feeding her family. So it should work out pretty well. I don't really believe in New Years Resolutions because I think you should make and keep goals at any time and it seems like a lot of people make these HUGE, outrageous goals at New Years and keep them for about a month then give up. I believe in making small achievable goals that you can reach and then going on to the next step.

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