Monday, January 5, 2009

Nursery Lesson #1

First off, I have to say that I LOVE the new nursery manuel that the church put out this year. It is absolutely amazing and geared exactly to the nursery. I didn't have to cut a TON out like with the other manuel. I basically just followed the lesson as outlined in the manuel. They even include the pictures and a picture to color for every lesson.

Lesson #1 I Am a Child of God

It was really nice because the primary chorister came in to do singing time with us and she closed with I Am a Child of God. It was the perfect introduction to my lesson.

We talked about the kids having Mommie's and Daddy's that love them very much. And that they love their parents. I told them that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them very much too.

I read Psalm 82:6 that said, "All of you are children of God."

I had gotten a picture of Moses from the library (one of him as a baby in the basket and then another of him older on the mountain), I didn't want to do the picture in the book as it is just a drawing and surrounded by 2 other pictures. I asked them if they knew who it was and explained that Moses was a great prophet who lived a long time ago and did a lot of important things.

We read Moses 1:4 that says "God said to Mose, 'Behold, thou art my son.' " Then we talked about Moses being God's son.

I then went through all 4 of my kids and told them, by name, that they were a son or daughter of God.

Then we turned to the picture included with the lesson. It's a bunch of kids. Then I picked out a few of them and said, "Is this boy a son of God? Is this girl a daughter of God?" Then I asked each of them if they were a son or daughter of God.

We closed with singing I Am a Child of God.

We colored the picture that is included with the lesson.

I didn't add anything extra or do anything fancy.

It was my best week yet in nursery. The only problem I had was that they moved us to a new room with a window (which was great, it's bigger and it's nice having some natural light in the room.) but the problem was that it was FREEZING. I'm going to have to see if we can move back to the other room until spring time when it's warmer.

I was really happy with the way things went in nursery. The helper they had lined up for me didn't show up but it ended up being okay because the little boy that came in a few weeks ago was there again and his mom stayed in the whole time and he was really good. He only cried a few times when his dad poked his head in to check on them. Other than that everyone was good, got along and was nice to each other. I only had 4 kids total and, at max, should only have 6 kids until about April when another little boy will come in. Much better than my first week doing it when I had 11 kids.

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