Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Word of the Day

candor \KAN-der\n. 1: whiteness, brilliance 2: freedom from prejudice or malice: fairness 3: unreserved, honest, or sincere expression: forthrightness

Example Sentence: When the job applicant admitted to some indiscretions in his past, the interviewer thanked him for his candor.

Did you know? The origins of "candor" shine through in its first definition. "Candor" traces back to the Latin v erb "candere" ("to shine or glow"), which in turn derives from the same ancient root that gave the Welsh language "can," meaning "white," and the Sanskrit language "candati," which translates to "it shines." Other descendants of "candere" in English include "candid," "incandescent," "candle," and the somewhat less common "candent" and "candescent" (both of which are synonyms of "incandescent" in the sense of "glowing from or as if from great heat"). There is even "excandescence," and uncommon word that refers to a feverish condition brought on by anger or passion.

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