Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Happy Weight is 141.2

I learned some interesting and comforting things today. I learned that I've been striving for a number that would be un-happy for my body. I want to be at a weight that is attainable but, more importantly, maintainable. I was thinking that I needed to get down to the 125-130 range but apparently I get an extra 10 pounds! Wa-hoo! And also that if I want to get down to that range it's okay and I wouldn't be underweight. But it would be more difficult.

You can go here to figure out YOUR happy weight.

Even better I am actually already in my ideal weight range which is 122-164. Granted it's the high end of ideal but at least I'm not considered overweight.

Go here to find your ideal weight range.

Also, if you go here you can find out all sorts of information. Such as BMI (mine is 24.8), waist to hip ratio (0.49), percentage of body fat (35.3%), lean body mass (105.4 lbs), and all sorts of happy things like "Your weight is in the normal range. You do not need to lose weight. Minimum caloric requirements: 1922 calories per day. Your diet should contain at least 81 grams of protein per day."

I also found out that a good body fat percentage for women is 22%. I was thinking I had to get my 30-something % down to the 10% range to be healthy.

Go. Play. Be happy.

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Jenie said...

Hey Gwen,

I was taking a break from working to have some lunch and thought I'd check my blog. Obviously you can tell how often I check/update my blog...thanks for your cute message. I was hoping to see some pictures of your cute boys, but I did find out my happy weight. :) Hope everything is going well for you and your fam...tell everyone "Hi" and it was great to hear from you. Good luck on your 21day journey. Good for you!