Monday, October 19, 2009


Have you ever looked around your house and wondered how it got in the condition it's in? Well, that's what I've been doing lately. Looking around and wondering why I can't seem to keep it clean. Well it's time to do something about it!

I've decided that it's time to clean house. Every surface WILL be touched. Every room will be cleaned. And organized, decluttered and "fixed" so that things function better. I think that when you move into a house you just throw things wherever you can find a place and I've never actually taken the time to go back through everything and make a home for things that actually makes sense. Not to mention all the items that build up after years of marriage and having kids. Things you think you need but you really don't.

I'll be making a pile (hopefully a big one) of things to sell and donate. I'll be cleaning along the way. Join me if you wish. If not then keep checking back to make sure I'm keeping up. I guarantee that it'll be hard. But you'll love the end results if you take the challenge.

I will be officially starting on Wednesday. Tomorrow I'll be coming up with a plan because in addition to cleaning EVERYTHING I will continue maintaining everything that's been done so that it stays clean.

TOP TO BOTTOM IN 21... Do you think you can do it?

I can!

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