Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exercise Day 14

Today I was up and going early... I just didn't get to my exercising until about 12:30. Woops! I decided that I could do another 5 miles today so I went for it. This time I tried to see if I could do it any faster. I did my 5 miles in 69.50 minutes. That's 11 minutes faster than yesterday going the same number of miles. I burned 619 calories and 196 fat calories. I think that's my highest amount of calories burned/fat calories burned ratio.

For my first 3 miles I walked a lap at 3.5 and jogged a lap at 5. I had the incline at a 1. For the next mile I boosted the incline up to a 10 and speed down to a 3 and did an eighth of a mile for each level of incline - working my way down. When I got to a 6 I moved my speed up to a 3.3, to a 4 incline - speed 3.5, 3 incline - speed 3.8, 2 incline - I moved up to a 4 speed. For my last mile I walked at 4 mph and a 2 incline for 3/4 mile and did the remaining 1/4 mile at a 1 incline and 4 mph for the first half of it and a 3.5 mph for the second half.

I'm getting a blister on my toe.

5 miles down - 62 more to go!

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