Thursday, September 18, 2008

Exercise Day 16

So for today I walked 4 miles in 64 minutes. I went up 1 to 5 then down 5 to 1 and then did it again. I walked at 3.5 mph for the up and 4 mph for the down. I burned 540 calories and 168 fat calories. For some reason I was really tired today. And it really didn't help that my two darling kiddos were non-stop trouble and I kept having to stop the treadmill to get after them. I swear I had 16 interruptions today. They kept getting into stuff, getting hurt and fighting. I keep thinking "enjoy this time, enjoy this time, enjoy this time". Before I know it they'll be gone to lives and families of their own.

4 miles - 54 to go!

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Jenny said...

You are doing such an awesome job!!! Keep up the crazy great work! What a great idea, for a blog! I'm still slowly working on the fitness thing. So fun huh?!! :)How the heck do you join your get healthy blog? I'm not quite figuring it out? I'm a smart one, I know. :) J/K. I would love to share some thoughts and goals and keep myself motivated too. Anytime you want to do something, let me know. Love ya, Jenny