Monday, September 8, 2008

Exercise Day 6

Well, I did it. I started up again after my day off. It wasn't even that difficult. Today I did 4 miles in 58.42 minutes (wa-hoo!). I kept the incline at a 1 and kept my speed mostly at a 4 mph. I jogged the first quarter mile of each mile at a 5 mph. There were a few times where I had to slow it down to 3.5 mph because I needed to catch my breath but for the most part it was at 4 the whole time. I was pretty proud of myself for doing 4 miles in under 60 minutes. I burned 537 calories and 167 fat calories. I think I was wrong on Saturday when I said that you burn more calories going slower but at a higher incline because I burnt all these calories in less time than I did on Saturday so if I went for the same amount of time it would have been more.

4 more miles down - 81 to go!

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