Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Exercise Day 7

I really had a terrible time getting to my exercise today. I didn't sleep last night and then from the moment I got up this morning I had one thing after another to do until finally about 3 I decided if I didn't go exercise then I woudn't get it done for the day. If it weren't for this blog and my 21 day goal I would have just skipped it for the day. And I really didn't have time to do the normal full on exercise that I have been doing so I just figured that some was better than none and I'd better do what I could. I did a total of 2 miles and I think it was approximately 34 minutes. I don't know for sure becaues I had to stop after 1.25 miles to help my youngest go potty and my oldest pulled the key out of the treadmill and lost all my information. I'm just kind of going off of what I remember but I think that the calories were about 270 and about 80 fat calories. I varied between a 1 and a 4 on incline and did mostly 3.5 and a little 4 for speed.

2 miles down - 79 to go.

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