Thursday, October 9, 2008

3 Things

I am also going to start a new goal of looking at the positive things in my life. I'm going to list 3 things I'm grateful for or that I love.

1. I'm grateful that my husband was able to take this morning off to go to #1's school for fire safety day. It meant a lot to my son and it was much easier for me to not have to deal with 3 kids running all over acting like crazies. (I'm babysitting today.)

2. I'm grateful for my big ol' house. I'm grateful that I have a nice place to live and to raise my children. I'm grateful that I have such a big space to clean because if I didn't I wouldn't get the opportunity to learn and grow in having to push myself to do things I don't necessarily LOVE doing.

3. I'm grateful that my parents live so close so that we can see them often and that they can, and are willing, to help me out with my kids when life gets to be too much.

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