Thursday, October 9, 2008

Super-Special Secret Stain Remover Trick

Okay, you asked for it. Here is my super-special secret stain remover trick. First, and foremost, I treat all spills and stains before washing with Shout stain treater spray. Then I wash and dry. Sometimes if the stain doesn't come out I'll try it a second time with just the Spray N Wash. Then wash and dry. If stains still don't come out I do the following:

Spray N Wash Dual Power all over the stain. Then I put a little scoop of the Oxi Clean powder on top, followed by a squirt or two of the Shout. I let it sit until my next load of laundry and wash as usual. Now, you do have to watch out because sometimes this combination can take color out of your clothes. So you may want to test in an inconspicuous area first. And always use it as your last resort. I have not ever had this NOT work. It gets set in, dried in stains out - no problem.

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