Monday, October 27, 2008

Daily Affirmations

I have been blessed with a big beautiful house and I love to take care of it. I will keep my house clean and honor my husband with taking care of what he has provided me with. I am blessed to be able to spoil my children and am grateful for all the toys they leave out and for my ability to clean up after them. I appreciate the opportunity I have, through them leaving their toys out, to teach my children. I love doing all I can to make my children be loving and appreciative of what they have and teaching them to take care of their things. I love the time we spend together "jamming" to music and picking up the house. I love cleaning and feel motivated to do it daily. There is no reason my house has to be dirty. I have every opportunity and ability to take care of it like I need to. I even have it broken down into manageable sized cleaning "bits". I love to show my husband how much I love him by keeping our house clean. Keeping my house clean keeps me going and makes me realize how grateful I am for my body and it's ability to do so. I appreciate any sore muscles I get from cleaning because I know that it is from being productive. I love to be productive and see results. It makes me feel good to turn a messy house into a neat, clean, beautiful house that people want to come to and feel welcomed. I feel very blessed with my house and want to be able to share my blessing with other people.

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