Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Equipment

Here is my exercise stuff. This is my treadmill. My #1 exercise mainstay.

The BowFlex - for working my arms.

The Nautilus - more for the arms.

The recumbent bike - a Schwinn - for working my bum and legs.

The big old ab machine. For my belly!

Mark's old TV - sometimes I'll put on a video for the boys.

And Mark's old boom box. Yes, that's right, I said boom box. An original from the 80's! As in shoulder luggin', hip hop dancin' boom box.


Fitness said...

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Jenny said...

I'm quite found of the boom box! ;) I think that's great motivation to exercise! Nice equipment! I may come over ;). You can put me through boot camp. Teasing. We'll listen to 80's music and dance...:)