Tuesday, November 4, 2008

3 Things

1. I am grateful for the great country that we live in. For our freedoms, our liberties and the ability to worship any way we choose.

2. I am grateful for the chance I had today to go vote. Every vote counts. I hope that the right guy is put in office. I will pray for whoever he is either way.

3. I am extremely grateful for the day I had today. Tyler was grounded from TV today so it was off all day. It was amazing the amount of peace that we had in our home. And our prayer this morning for no fighting and yelling made us all conscious of how we behaved and reacted to each other. We all tried really hard to be nice and kind. It was wonderful. Maybe I'll ground Tyler from TV more often! Actually I'll probably start on my goal to turn the TV off at 9 am.

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