Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Exercise Day 44

Today I walked on the treadmill 3.5 miles. I hate having a half mile on there! I did it in 51.15 minutes. The first mile I walked at 4 mph at a 1 incline. The second I kept it at 4 mph and moved it up to 2 incline. The third mile I kicked it up to 5 mph for a half mile then back down to 4 for the other half. The incline was at 1. The last half mile I jogged at a 5 for half of it (1/4 mile) then went down to a 4 for an eighth and 3.5 for an eighth. The incline was at 1.

I burned 479 calories and 149 fat calories. I also wore my good old belly belt (I had to dig it out! It's basically a belt made to make you sweat.) and I held my hand weights - 1 pound each.

After I walked I also did "Yoga for Urban Living" - the 30 minute AM session.

I also walked 1 mile down to the school to vote.

I've walked 152 miles.

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