Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Ba-ack!

I started today with a workout video. Fat to Firm Fast for 44 min. It kicked my butt. It's amazing what a couple of months off will do to your endurance and muscle tone. I'm beat! But it feels good to get going again.

It's sad to say but my 4 year old did it with me then continued with another workout video - and he finished the whole thing! He's awesome. Makes me feel fat and out of shape though.

I decided that I am going to do a different workout every day for as many days as I have videos to cause some muscle confusion and hopefully trick my body into losing weight. Again. I think I have about 30 videos. And I have a friend who is going to loan me some of hers.

Also, I'm going to try to get downstairs to the treadmill whenever possible at nights to start training to run. I would like to do a 5k in the near future and eventually a half marathon and maybe even the Wasatch Back race. Wa-hoo!

Feels good to get going. I'm going to do awesome this time!

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