Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 8 Exercise

Today I walked my Kindergartner down to school - 1 mile there and back.

I did the treadmill for 33 minutes today. I went 2 miles and burned 233 calories. I kept it at a 3 mph and a 4 mph but varied between running and walking at 4 mph. I did almost 1/8 a mile at a 6 mph. I wanted to go longer but I have a lot o' crap to do today.

I did not walk down to pick up my Kindergartner. We had to go to the extension and find out what kind of spider my husband caught. CREEPY!

My pedometer got reset again. I looked at it at one point and it had over 8,000 steps and then by the end of the night it had almost 4,500.

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