Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting Serious

Okay so, I've re-started twice now and have had issues come up both times. It's time to get serious! I'm getting really fat again and can't have it any more. I will NOT be buying new clothes. At least until they're skinny clothes!

I am starting over once again - for the last time. Today I dropped my kids off at school and left from there to walk/run outside. It's amazing to me how much different it is outside than on the treadmill. I went 1.9 miles in 25 minutes. It's much easier mentally but definitely harder physically. I was going to do it 2 times a week but I'm thinking I'll just do once a week until I get used to it again. The treadmill has softened me up! Ours is broken and won't do incline any more so I have to just go faster to get more calories burned. Which doesn't help when you're really outside and nothing is flat!

I also walked 2 other trips to school and back - 2 miles.

I weighed myself today and I am at 179 pounds. I refuse to get to 180. That was my wake-up call I guess.

179 lbs
38.1 % fat
45.1 % water
56.0 lbs muscle
27.1 BMI

I wore my pedometer and when I checked it in the 5 pm hour I had over 12,200 steps and it had gotten re-set. At the end of the night it was at 2,297. So I had at least 14,497 steps.

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