Friday, November 20, 2009


Okay, so since the kids and husband were all sick with the... dun, dun, dun... dreaded flu I haven't made it back into normal life yet. We've been fighting off secondary infections and being part of other craziness that just makes life so fun. (read that last part with just a touch of sarcasm)

I am going to get my house resurrected and start again on Monday with finishing up my last project - my bedroom. I also haven't been working out either so I'll get back to that then too. Monday's are such a good day to start things. I feel like it's a new start every week - a chance to start again.

My good friend Julia awarded me with an award for my blog.

With this award I am supposed to say 6 things about myself.

1- I love blogging. I love keeping a record for my family and challenging myself to be better. But, more than anything I love keeping up on my family and friends via their blogs. I am a bone-a-fied blog stalker - if that scares you I'm sorry! I swear that I do it out of love not creepiness!

2- I am a recovering Facebook addict. I still get on once or twice a day to check on things and read people's updates but I am to the point now where I'm bored with all the games and refuse to start playing any new ones.

3- I was extremely shy in Jr. High and High school. I had very few friends and am still friends with even less of them (pretty much Julia) but have made friends with quite a few people from high school since becoming a wife and mom. I sometimes try to think that I'm still a shy person but am reminded quite often that I'm really not any more and love getting to know people. I always try really hard to welcome new people to our area because I know how hard it is being new and not having any friends. I believe that it is impossible to have too many friends.

4- I love to help people whenever I can. Whether it's watching their kids or making them something or just calling to say hi and check on people I feel like I am always trying to do something for someone. I learned this from my parents who are wonderful people and are always giving of their time and things. I remember every time it snowed we would go shovel our driveway but also knew that we weren't done with ours and would go and do some of the older people in our area who couldn't. I still feel like I need to do that and help our neighbors do their driveways all the time.

5- I am a lazy person by nature and have been fighting it off for the last few years. My house isn't nearly as clean as it should be and there are so many things I would like to do but usually don't. I have dreams and aspirations to be one of those super moms who always has a clean home as well as home makes everything for all the birthday parties and comes up with cute and fun things to do all the time. I really have to fight my inner mediocrity to become a better person. That is partially why I came up with this blog. If I don't have a way of recording things and holding myself accountable to myself (and anyone who reads this blog) then I generally won't do it.

6- As part of this laziness, up until recently we would eat out for all of our meals. Oh, sure. Occasionally we'd eat some cold cereal for breakfast or I'd make dinner but for the most part we ate out 3 meals a day 6 days a week. Not only was it very costly but it was very bad for our health. When we gained weight and couldn't get it to come off and also got to a point where we couldn't afford it any more I decided that it was time to start getting off the lazy train and cooking and grocery shopping. Because of this I've discovered a great love for couponing. It's like a game for me! We've now gone from spending $800 to $1000 a month on groceries to spending around $250 a month on groceries. I've also lost 20+ pounds with intentions on losing about 30 more. I also feel like a better mother because I'm not cramming my kids full of crap all day long.

Okay, so now it's my turn to pass along the love to 6 people.

1- My friend Emilee who also has a passion for couponing and saving her family money. She's been a good friend for a few years now and I love her!!

2- My friend Ginger who is one of those ones who I wasn't necessarily friends with in high school but have become friends with since. Her two oldest boys were both born within days of my boys.

3- Another friend I've made from high school is Kim. She is so much fun to have over to play and her kids are absolutely adorable!

4- My friend Kari from the singles ward. She is as cute as a button with kids even cuter. She reminds me of me when I was younger with 2 little boys like mine.

5- Cynthia has been my friend since second grade. I have always loved having her for a friend. She is really funny and has a great outlook on life.

6- Sheena is probably my newest friend and the mother to Preschooler's future wife! At least I think they should get married when they get older, much older. Too bad they don't do arranged marriages any more...

Okay, girls... pass the love on!!!


Jules said...

You are such a sweetheart, and I love you! I am so glad we became such good friends in highschool, and I know we will be for life! Its so good of you to take care of your neighboors, and people are realy missing out if they are not your friend. But who can resist you! :)
Love you, and love your determination to better yourself, even though we all just love you for who you are now. :)

Cynthia said...

Aw, shucks! Thanks for the sweet thoughts! It made my blah morning better. :-) I'm glad that we have blogs to help us stay connected and up on what's going on in our lives!
I hope your fam continues to get feeling better!

Ginger said...

How exciting! Thanks for the award! Neat blog here. I need to add it to my blog roll. (: