Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 2

So I was SUPER sore today from my exercises yesterday. Oh well, life goes on!

I did a ton of arm weight/strength exercises on the bowflex, the weight machine and free weights as well as pushups and tricep dips.

I didn't get a chance to get outside to run and I tried the treadmill but it's too bad to use. I did use our stationary bike for almost 10 minutes on one of its programs. It killed my already sore legs.

Legs tomorrow and hopefully I'll get a chance to get outside to run. At this point I'm kind of trying to focus on strength right now anyway but the cardio is an important part of any exercise routine.

I'm also hoping to get to my green drinks tomorrow. I need some good fruit but I'll make do with apples and bananas and grapes. We'll see how tasty it is!

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