Thursday, September 4, 2008

Exercise Day 2

Well, today was a bit harder to get going. I think I overdid it a little. My left shoulder was hurting last night before bed then I think sleeping on it made it worse. It hurt pretty bad. I decided to keep going - for the sake of the 21 day goal and once I got going I loosened up and felt better. I think that normally for me days 2 and 3 are usually the worst. So I'm halfway past those! Today I did the treadmill. I walked/jogged 4 miles today in 66.05 minutes. I burnt 481 calories, 150 fat calories. I ranged between 1 and 5 on incline and between 3 and 5 for speed. Seems like I did a lot more walking at 3 and 3.5 than yesterday with quick little bursts at 5. I did some walking at 4 - just not as much as yesterday. After I walked on the treadmill I did 5 sets of 10 on the ab machine (like they have in the gym) at a 3.

4 more miles down - 93 to go!

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