Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Exercise Day 8

Yet another slow day getting started. Tomorrow I'll do better. I didn't get a chance to exercise before I had to take my oldest to school so I just did it and didn't get a chance to do the full exercise I usually do but I did more than yesterday. I only have 2 hours while he's gone and by the time I got back I'd already lost 20 minutes. Plus I have to shower and get ready and go back to pick him up so the time is limited.

I actually felt like a got a pretty good workout today even though it was short. I did 3 miles in 52.47 minutes. I did my incline between 1 and 10 and varied in speed from 2.5 mph to 4 mph. The higher I went on incline the slower I went and vice versa. I burned 467 calories and 144 fat calories. I like walking faster because I feel like I can get more out of it. I pump my arms pretty good while I'm walking fast and I love the way my arms are already starting to tone up. I also always try to concentrate on my stomach muscles and "pull them in". I'm going to have to do some make up miles if I'm going to hit my 100 miles in 21 days because of my few crazy days.

3 more miles - 76 to go!

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