Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 5 Exercise

Walked my Kindergartner to school - 1 mile there and back.

I did the treadmill today. 2 miles in 34 minutes. I burned 284 calories. I walked at a 3.5 mph and ran at a 4 mph for 1/2 mile two times today. It was the first time that I was able to go the same distance at 4 mph two times in one workout. I also ran 1/8 mile at 6 mph. It was still kick-butt hard but easier than last time.

My goal for tomorrow is to be able to do at least 3/8, preferably 1/2, of a mile at 4.5 mph and also to walk at 3.5 mph instead of 3.

I picked up my Kindergartner - 1 mile there and back.

Wore my pedometer today and when I checked it about 5 pm it said 10,654 steps but then some time between then and about 7 pm it got reset. It reads 195 right now. I've had a lazy evening though.

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